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    You are in for a "One Of A Kind" experience, that provides you the conveniences of saving time from having to seek out multiple professionals to get the job done!

  • If you need hair extensions, then you are DEFINITELY in the right place!

  • Do you need a Professional Photographer?

  • Do you need Business Coaching & Motivation? 

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    High-End Hair Extension Makeover Packages

    1 to 3 Days To Achieve Results

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  • Want To Save Years Of Your Time?

    Your appearance and makeover experience goes way beyond just a trip to your local "beauty" salon...I will customize and tailor a transformational experience for you, and just you!

    It can take up to 3 years to grow your hair...when I can provide you the premium convenience of not waiting.  

    Imagine how great you will feel with your INSTANT TRANSFORMATION!

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    Why choose Me?

    What you see and read about me is what you can expect for results, because I care about you, and I love what I do!

    And that is helping people. 

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  • You get more from doing business with me, then your typical "hairdresser"...........

    In 2001, I was in the darkroom developing traditional film, and then incorporated photography into every aspect of my business. 

    HIGH-END MAKEOVERS are not $2, and if a site is using STOCK photography, well how do you really know if you can really trust that you are going to get results??? 


  • No Hidden Costs

  • You will find that I'm all business and believe in transparency when creating, customizing a makeover, and or coaching package for you. 

    This is why my consultation process is the best customer service appointment that I have to offer, and necessary. 

    As I do charge for my professional time because that's business, and with this small investment on your part, then when you come in...I can focus on providing you solution options versus...just trying to make a sale. 

    You will be provided different solutions, and the cost for the package or project. 

    No surprises.   

  • Focused Turnaround & Priority VIP Service

  • If you like to work with a business that offers VIP Service, Focused Turnaround then you will find that I am very selective with the projects and people that my business will do business with. 

    Why?  Because, it's crucial that we are mutually a fit. 

    Once we get all of the logistics out of the way, and agree on your package, then we get get to the good stuff, and have fun!

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    "Gina B.

    The place to go!


    I recently had my hair done by Ann Marie and I am absolutely in love with everything she did! She transformed my hair completely and it looks amazing. I went in with dirty blonde hair and left with a deep brown beautiful color with extensions. The process of getting them installed took all day but we had a lot of fun. We ate food, watched netflix, listen to music and got to finish the day with a great photo shoot with the finished product. I am beyond pleased with how everything turned out and the service was spectacular. I felt extremely comfortable with everything due to the fact Ann knows everything about what she’s doing down to the littlest detail. She really cares about making you happy and making sure you are nothing short of satisfied. GO SEE HER!!!!!!!!


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    “I believe that you may not always get to choose your starting point in your life or career, however you have the choice to make the choice to choose where you will finish!  ”

    Ann Marie Walts
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